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Ever wonder what is edible bird’s nest?

Come visit our museum located within the serene and tranquil Kranji countryside area in Singapore to uncover the myths and discover the benefits of edible bird’s nest for we are probably one of the most comprehensive collection of information about edible bird’s nest in the entire South-East Asia.

At World of Birdnest Museum, we aim to play an educational role in sharing the information in depth about edible bird’s nest, the swiftlet species which their secretion produces the edible bird’s nest. We also curate works on caves bird’s nest to nests from swiftlet’s ranching farms and about sustainable farming, its trade and the past and ongoing scientific development on the medicinal properties of edible bird’s nest.

Whilst at our specialty storefront, we supply only the best and most trusted source of bird’s nest and bird’s nest related products.
Enjoy a bowl of bird’s nest delicacy for dessert or simply snacking on bird’s nest chocolates, cookies and aromatic coffee….
Only at World of Birdnest Museum.

You can locate us at 10 Neo Tiew Lane 2, Singapore 718813 or contact us at +65 6316 0975 or [email protected]
Our Website: http://www.worldofbirdnestmuseum.com

Herbal Farm Tour

Uncle Tan’s Herbal Garden Helping to Promote & Sustain Singapore’s Healing Heritage. Uncle Tan and his knowledge of medicinal plants and herbal remedies are an important part of Singapore’s rich cultural heritage.

For more information or appointment, contact us @96171046, or go to http://uncletanherbs.info/




A fishing spot located in the countryside where the air is cleaner, and the life is quieter. Fishing strives to be an outlet of escape from the urban sprawl of the city, a space where we can relax & enjoy precious moments with our love ones.

Space For Rent



A large conference room for 60 pax. Suitable for team bonding activities. For more information on the rates and amenities, kindly call or email us.


Nature Nook